1. I wasn’t sure how Hayden, a large and semi-anxious dog, would do without his friend Clay’s presence. Since I’m not comfortable leaving him to his own devices in the yard, he’s adapting to crate-life and I’m adapting to life with a crate-dog. This means lots of counting the hours I’m away and lots of Amazon purchases for enrichment toys. Also, this means a lot of walks and trips to the park. LOTS of walks. (Halp, send new legs.)

2. I used to be the cook and C used to be the dishwasher, so now, when I cook, I have to do my own dishes. What the hell is this?!

3. I put things away and they can be found when I need them where I left them. It’s like magic.

4. The main living room is empty in anticipation of a roommate (eventually) and it echoes wonderfully, so I practice my ukulele and singing over there. It’s basically karaoke hour, 24 hours a day.

5. Miu is currently on house-arrest after running away for over a week again. I got a call from a sweet man in a neighborhood 10 miles away (by car) letting me know that Miu had set up shop in his succulent garden and when she didn’t leave, he had gotten her scanned at the vet. It’s “only” five miles geodesically, but it’s pretty rough terrain that cuts through the Marine base and canyons and busy roads, so I wonder whether someone picked her up and took her over there for one reason or another or if she made it over there by herself. Anyway, that brings the total of families that are getting Christmas cards from me for Miu-related reasons to three. Thank goodness for the kindness of others to thwart Miu’s attempts at escaping from our family. Sorry, baby girl, seems like you’re mine to keep.