Hayden, wearing his pack, and I approach the two women standing by the dog park where the trailhead is located. One woman immediately leashes her two dogs that are going on alert by her. The other woman, however, moves toward the trailhead as I approach it.

Woman: Are you going down into the canyon? Hold on, my dogs are down there.
m: That’s what I was planning on.
W: Well… My dogs are pretty far down there. But you can go down there.
m: Are they friendly?
W: Well. Yes. Well.
m: Are they friendly?
W: They don’t come off that way sometimes. But you can go down there. Are you letting yours off leash?
m: No, he stays on leash.
W: Oh, they might make it hard for you.
[She moves to block the entrance to the trail with her body]
m: Can you call your dogs back? It echoes here, they should be able to hear you.
W: Well… They’re pretty far down there.
m: Okay then. Hayden, let’s go find something else to do.

Let’s get this straight. Your dogs are off-leash by themselves in a canyon that is for human-use and:
     1. You’re not picking up their shit.
     2. They’re not friendly.
     3. You have no control over them, not even recall.