With the rainy weather as of late, I’ve had a lot of opportunities for couch time, which means a lot of reading time. I grab a mug of tea, my warm jacket and a fleece blanket, settle Hayden on his bed with some treats, settle Miu into my lap, get the purrbox going, and read. And sometimes doze off. And then wake up to read some more.

I’m still working on The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome by Susan Wise Bauer. I’m also in the middle of Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams and Mark Cawardine. And Don’t Panic: The Official Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Companion by Neil Gaiman. And Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.


My mom just sent me a freshly-published set of books from Japan, more from the same author as the series I was hooked on earlier this year, but I’ve told myself that I’m not allowed to open those until I at least finish two of my ongoing projects. My brain can only handle so much at once.

I’m really liking this winter season. Just me and the animals, snuggling in at home. It’s quite nice.