1. My bike was in the shop for a week and then we had a few days of rain, so I finally had the opportunity to ride yesterday morning for the first time in about ten days. I rode to work cackling in my helmet the entire way, feeling like I was cheating at life because it seems almost unfair that I get to enjoy my commute this much. I patted her tank as I zipped downhill through the curves, whispering sweet nothings to her. Nearly ten years on, every chance to ride still feels like a gift.

2. I’m looking forward to getting my new-to-me dirt bike into ridable shape so that I can start using him for commuting. I love my SV, but sumo is a whole different beast. And even more than riding sumo, I’m excited to get back to riding dirt. I expect lots of dropping (he’s one-toe-touch-tall for me), lots of heavy squats and swearing, and lots of tired and sweaty grinning like a madlady and I can’t. fucking. wait.

3. I was taking a break from bouldering today when a lady with a helmet caught my eye. I chatted her up about her ride (FZ) and then we went our separate ways. Then, on my way out of the gym, another lady walked in with a helmet, so I smiled at her and said, “Lady riders! There’s three of us here!” She replied, “Then all the bikes out there belong to ladies!” and we both cheered. (And that third lady had the most beautifully modded R Nine T I’ve ever seen — I wanted to touch it so badly, but I’m a civilized rider, thankyouverymuch.)