I braced myself for a crash today. I hit a rough patch of road at 60mph and I experienced severe front tyre wobble at speed for the first time in my ten years of riding. The wobble lasted for what felt like an eternity — there was enough time for all the scenarios to run through my head — can I save this? Am I going to crash today? Where will I crash? Can I bail? Can I tuck and roll? Is there someone behind me?

There’s no real textbook answer on how to save a tank slapper (there is, however, a ton of debate, I’ve found) and I can’t say for sure what I did to ride through it except what my body already knew: easy on the grips, ease up on the throttle, off the front brake, grip with the legs, no sudden movements. Oh, and luck. I believe in luck.

All’s well that ends well for this morning.

(I think I need to go change my undies.)

The damage: Headlight bracket chipped from contact with the radiator bracket.