I bought the OGIO All Elements backpack in May 2016. It’s a simple bag — a waterproof and spacious single compartment with a laptop sheath and a few zippered pockets — and it works great. Until it doesn’t.

In November, the waterproof seal started coming undone, so I had them send me a new bag under the one-year warranty. The customer service was speedy and I had my new bag the next day. Then, in April, the seal on the new bag started coming undone, so I got on the phone again. Even though I love the All Elements bag for its roll-top (=expandable capacity for lots of groceries), I was pretty fed up with needing a new bag every six months. I used it as a commuter bag, so it was carrying my lunch and maybe a binder and an extra pair of yoga pants five days a week with an occasional grocery-store trip. Yes, I used it frequently, but not enough to warrant external damage from the inside.

I asked if they would be willing to send a different bag since the seal was clearly not a one-time issue. They are and they approved a different bag even though it’s at a higher price point. Stay tuned for my adventures with the Mach5!

Summary: It’s great bag until it’s not. Order at your own risk. On the bright side, to make up for a crappily-constructed bag, they have amazing customer service.

Edit 5/16: The Mach5 is too big for me. It’s probably too big for anyone under 5’5″-ish or has a short torso. OGIO continues to have the best customer service, so I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again should the right item appear. The perfect backpack hunt continues!