I’m so fucking pissed off at myself, so I’m leaving this note here because sometimes, “all’s well that ends well” isn’t enough and because I’m still processing what happened. Today, I almost wrecked on my bike (and it would’ve been a bad wreck) because I wasn’t paying enough attention and I was on auto-pilot and I made a stupid assumption that I shouldn’t have. I avoided a bad collision by about two inches by the grace of timing and my immediate responsiveness, but the whole thing was entirely preventable and nobody’s fault except my own.

This is un-fucking-acceptable.

I can deal with other people being sloppy on the road; yeah, it sucks that some people are too self-absorbed to care about whether other people live or die, but I know it’s not personal. The only thing I can control out there is what I do, so I’m never allowed to lazy or complacent, not with the kind of devastating consequences being careless can lead to on a motorcycle. My approach to riding is “ride today so that I can ride tomorrow,” but apparently, I forgot that shit today.

Goddamnit, I’m so angry and so sorry all at once. I need to go practice.